Who We Are

Celero Capital was formed with a simple objective:  to increase the adoption of energy efficiency (EE) projects and renewable energy (RE) installations.  With the advancement of EE and RE technology, consumers are able to significantly reduce their energy expenditures and carbon footprint.  These advancements add value to existing buildings, generate positive cash flow, reduce maintenance costs, and provide greater reliability to your operation.

Why Energy Efficiency and Renewables?

Celero Capital believes that focusing on EE and RE will allow us to develop a deep understanding of the technology and its benefits and risks.  This understanding will allow us to better serve our customers in the form of lower monthly payments.  We do not have an aggressive salesforce or outrageous quotas.  We do not say yes to every potential customer which would require higher rates to compensate for bad debt.  What we do have is a dedicated team that will understand the products being leased and will provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Leasing

Our stated goal is to accelerate the adoption of energy efficiency technology and renewable energy installations.   Leasing provides an additional option for vendors to offer their customers, while end users can quickly enjoy the benefits of new technology without locking up valuable cash.


Investing in EE and RE is often a difficult decision:  reducing the cost of energy is rarely a core competency of most businesses and valuable cash should be used to grow the business.  Yet managing energy costs can have very and immediate impact on your bottom line.  A monthly lease payment which is often less than the savings generated by EE and RE technology, allows businesses to reap the rewards quickly and without tying up capital.

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Lease vs Buy?

Congratulations!  You’ve built a profitable business that is generating positive cash flow.  Maybe you want to distribute that cash among the owners to reward yourself for hard work.  Maybe you want to reinvest that cash into the business to help it grow.  Or perhaps that cash will let you sleep a little easier each night knowing that you have a cushion in the event of a downturn or cyclical sales.  Using cash to invest in facilities infrastructure doesn’t necessarily achieve any of those goals, but reducing your energy costs certainly can increase your bottom line.  Leasing EE or RE technology allows you to enjoy the benefits without interfering with your goals as a business.

Lease vs Borrow

Once you’ve decided to finance your EE or RE technology, the next decision is whether you should borrow or lease.  While there are similarities between the two options, traditional borrowing presents many complications that are not present when utilizing a lease.

  • 100% Financing with No Down Payment

  • Same Day Approval for Most Projects

  • Less Documentation Required

  • Flexible Terms


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